What is Fly Fishing?

Fly-fishing is the art of fishing with a pole that is much longer than what many other types of fish are caught with. The fly fishing pole is one that is about one and a half to two times longer than a regular rod and reel, and the bait used on the string to catch fish is made to look like flies, bugs, critters, and all types of insects. The bait, the fly fishing flies are going to be made most often by hand, but some are made by machines, but they are made to imitate the types of fish you are seeking to catch. The types of fish you may be going after with a fly rod are going to vary from stream to stream and from state to state.


To think about fly fishing in the rarest, finest, and earliest stages of life you need to think about this: a man, his long wood pole, a bit of string. The string is long enough to allow that biggest fish to pull and fight against being pulled to shore and think about the string as it is whipped into the air, over the water, landing gently on the water without making a splash. This motion over and over again through out the years is what fly fishing is really all about, it is being able to catch fish with the bug on the end, with the flick of the wrist, and being ‘slick’ about landing that fly on the water without disturbing the fish that are swimming about in the stream.


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Fly-fishing is a sport in its own. If you are out on the lake fishing with a rod, reel and some worms, you have to learn how to fly fish to really understand the sport. The rod is different, the reel is different, even the bait you use on the end of that hook is different. The fly fisherman is going to use very little sinkers or bobbers, but the number of flies, bugs, and insects in that tackle box can number one or hundreds depending on the particular fly fisherman. Fly-fishing is all about getting that fish in on the hook in the most natural method possible. Setting that fly down on the water, flicking the wrist and the forearms to pull the fly back off the water, and then to put that insect back down gently on the water to tease the fish into taking that fly.


If you believe you are the fisherman that your grandfather was, that your great grandfather was, and that you want your great grand children to be, start using your fly fishing techniques and master the sport so you pass down this skill to another in the next generation. The sport of fly-fishing is one that is fostered from a small need, to a strong feeling of loving it. If you are new to the world of fly-fishing, you will find that there are many tips, ideas, articles and stories about fly fishing here for you to learn.


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